PS: Hair tips

For all the ladies that rock the natural look, the relaxed look , the braided look or the weave look . Attention to hair is a big must .

Attention to hair tips

Feel like scratching your hair ? Stop and think about it. Dryness can cause the scalp to be itchy ! Scratching is a no no as it tends to make the hair and scalp irritated .
Solution :Wash your hair one a week and always remember to buy a scalp treatment that works with your skin and apply it every two days in reasonable amount
Much moisture?
There are so many products out there that smell good and promise to make our hair have the best results.
Solution : less is more , always know what works for your hair and stick to it ! A friend may use a different product and you may be tempted to can yours and take up on hers . Reconsider the thought as her products may not be better suited for your hair . My sister and I absolutely use different products that work great with our individual hair
Dryers and blow dryers tend to have a lot of heat .
Solution : The more the heat does not necessarily mean that hair will dry faster . The best option is to use a towel to dry water for washed hair , apply a moisturizer or leave in conditioner and blow dry it or set it .

Go easy on the hair don’t stress your hair , rubber band tends to be to dry , something softer will not break your hair. Hair clips and bands are also a great way to go easy on the hair .
There you have it a few tips for your hair . Have fun .


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