The neon trend is seen as the fashion trend for the brave as its usually so bright and bold. Original the trend was seen in a lot of the 80s as fashion takes inspiration from the past the trend is back.

How to wear the 2012 trend.

Neon nail polish

if you love the trend and want to wear it at a minimum , try the neon nail polish with something basic like a simple plain tee.

Neon tee

The neon tee should be paired with a simple jeans, as too much neon on one look is disastrous.

The neon accessory

Try any accessory with neon, take your pick. It could be a neon belt, neon shoes, neon scarfs, neon earrings the list is up to you and what you want the accessory to be.

The neon pants

Pair the pants with a neutral for a striking contrast anything from grey , beige or black.A neutral shade adds a touch of class to the look.

A touch of neon

If you don’t like too much neon , the touch of neon is for you.Its exactly that, a touch of neon. It could be the zip , of simple patterns, or the buttons so the trend is wearable if you don’t like to much of it.


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